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Wrights Pink Popcorn

Wrights Pink Popcorn Gift Basket

Our first retro gift basket was the Wrights Pink Popcorn Gift Basket introduced in late 2009.  The Wright Popcorn & Nut Company first made Wright’s Pink Popcorn Bar in the 1940s, the company is still making them today in San Francisco, and Sacramento Ca. Growing up in the Midwest in the 1960s and 1970s Wright’s Pink Popcorn was an indispensable part of our snack food diet along with Hot Tamales and Bubble Up. When we decided to start Gifts A GoGo, we wanted to have some distinctive gift designs that would be unique only to Gifts A GoGo.  All of the founders of Gifts A GoGo are highly trained in various backgrounds including confectionary design.  After several round table discussions, and some inspiration at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk with a little dose of ocean ions, the ideas just started flowing. We are proud of what we have come up with and excited to introduce them to you. Many of us remember Wrights Pink Popcorn from our youth and apparently, many of you have those same fond memories.  This design has turned out to be one of our biggest sellers.  It may be pink, but it tastes so good!!