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Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Gift Ideas for Teenagers under $50

What do you get a teenager that doesn’t cost a fortune? I get asked that question a lot.  It seems like every kid these days is walking around with cords coming out of their ears and some electronic devise in their hands.  There were some months, when my son would come home from school with three or more birthday party invitations.  He always wanted to give them a video game,  but one of those popular video games can set you back at least $60 dollars, times that by a few parties a month, it can get pretty expensive.  Here are some really nice things you can give, that won’t break the bank.  These have been tested on my own child’s friends with great success.

You simply can’t go wrong with a couple of movie passes.  You can make the gift a little more fun by placing the passes in a box along with microwave popcorn, chips and candy.  I also liked to re-introduce some of the things that I did as a kid.  It was a long shot, and with some protesting from my son, I went to the store and bought a few kites.  I made arrangements with the parents to take the kids to the park the following weekend.  They had a blast, being outside, flying a kite.  Go figure!  Of course, every kid likes money and gift cards but what about the actual act of opening a present at your birthday party?  It seems like nowadays you go to a party and you hand them a card with another card inside.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s an easy gift and you can pick the amount you want to spend, but it just doesn’t seem as fun.  If you decide to give a gift card, try placing them in a box along with some themed items. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all, we gave one young lady a gift certificate for a manicure, I placed a few bottles of nail polish and some emery boards and she was thrilled.

How about something practical like an alarm clock? I’m not talking your standard hit the snooze button alarm clock, but the Sonic Bomb Alarm clock. This will set you back about $25 and I kid you not, this clock would wake the dead.  I don’t know of any teenager who doesn’t like to sleep in, and this just might solve the problem and it looks cool too.

These are just a few examples, and I find that most kids are happy with just about anything.  Feel free to share your ideas for inexpensive birthday gift ideas for teenagers.