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Photo Greeting Cards 1

Photo Greeting Cards

Here is another do it yourself crafty idea from Gifts A GoGo.  Everyone remembers those cute construction paper cards you did as a kid, I have box full of those precious cards my child made me.  Here is an updated version you can do with some photos, stock cards, and a few glue dots.  Greeting cards can get expensive, you can buy a package of cards with envelopes from you local craft store for less than ten dollars for a bulk pack of fifty.  Everyone has photos around the house and glue dots are just a couple dollars.  That would bring each card to well under a dollar.  Each one takes just a few minutes to make. You could spend an hour and have enough cards to last the whole year.  No more running to the store at the last minute.  What I really like is the personal touch each one brings.  Mothers Day is coming up on May 13th, just think how thrilled Mom would be to get a photo card with you or the grandkids.  Have some scenic vacation pictures?  Pick your favorites and use those for note cards.  The possibilities are endless.  Add your own personal message inside and you will certainly brighten anyone’s day.

Photo Greeting Cards 2

What you will need. Photos, Cards, Glue Dots. I used the removable Glue Dots, it was much easier for centering the picture on the card. The 1/2 inch ones worked best.

Photo Greeting Cards 3

Place Glue Dots on back of photo.

Photo Greeting Cards 4

When you have it centered on the card, simply press down.

Photo Greeting Cards 5

Another do it yourself crafty idea from Gifts A GoGo.