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Sherri Hill

Sherri Hill Co-founder of Gifts A GoGo

Many years ago when my son was about to turn one, I was trying to think of something that would make his birthday extra special. The evening before his big day, I blew up about 50 balloons, tied some ribbons on the ends, and hung them from the ceiling in his bedroom. I did this very quietly while he was sleeping in his crib. The next morning, I heard a very loud scream and giggles coming from his bedroom. When I opened the door he was standing in his crib pointing to the ceiling and jumping up and down. I knew from that moment on, this would be our new birthday tradition.

Over the years, I would get just as excited as he would about that special balloon party on the ceiling. I would love to hear the reactions and screams as he would run down the hall to find me. One birthday he came running to me and said “Mom, I can’t wait to do this for my kids”.

This little tradition continued until he was about 12 years old. As the years passed, I would still incorporate balloons in some way or another on his birthday either by placing them on his chair at the dinner table, or placing a few in his room while he was at school. Today, he turns nineteen, no longer the little boy who ran screaming down the hall in excitement each birthday morning. He is a young man now, and this morning his room was empty. He’s busy doing what a young man does; work, college, and spending time with friends. I knew he would be coming home later, so I went in his room and placed the special balloon. This time it was at his desk, next to a few dirty dishes, some books and an empty bottle of hot sauce.

The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the hype of the must have gifts that are thrown at our kids in every form of advertisement imaginable. I know, I have stood in many of lines trying to get the latest and greatest must have toy, only to have it collect dust months or even weeks later.

Traditions make memories that last a lifetime and these are the best gifts we can give our children. No long lines, crowds, or expensive price tags. Simply a gift of love.

Sherri Hill is the owner of Gifts A GoGo and expert on creative inexpensive gift ideas you can do yourself. Many of the gift baskets at http://www.giftsagogo.com are Sherri’s own designs.